tara tiara

yowl   howl   scowl   prowl   

"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury,
exhibit number one is what the seraphs,
the misinformed, simple, noble-winged seraphs, envied.
Look at this tangle of thorns.”

la petite femme
potentially lovely, perpetually human

Yesterday I lost track of time at my friend’s house and found myself walking home around 1 AM, even though I’d told myself I’d leave no later than 11:00. On my walk home, I encountered three different groups of boys. I was sort of out of it, unaware of my surroundings, and as I passed the first group they started speaking to me. I didn’t realize they were speaking to me until one of them said something along the lines of “you really shouldn’t be walking home alone this late at night.” I ignored him and kept walking, and that’s when they started yelling obscene shit. I didn’t pay much mind, “boys”, I thought as I rolled my eyes and kept on. I passed the second group, and again, the same thing happened. They were taunting me and then when they realized I wasn’t even paying attention, they got enraged and started yelling at me. By the third group of boys, I was very well aware of the situation. As I was about to pass them, they started teasing me and instead of just idly strolling past them, I stopped. I made a quick call to the devil and asked for his help. He answered and I knew I was safe. My posture changed, my face did, too. I eyed the ringleader up and down like a rapist might do to his prey, and then smiled, with the malicious wrath of Satan in my eyes. This scared him and he told his stupid cronies to back off. I didn’t say a word, I just kept smiling. Their eyes softened and they looked afraid, they looked as though they were about to be my victims. They decided that I was crazy and should be left alone, and then hurried off. 

I think the thing with rape is that if you look like a victim, you become one. You cannot look afraid, you must look crazy instead. Nobody is stupid enough to try to rape Satan. 

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